Dryer & Vent Services
Dryer Vent Cleaning Services
For all fee inquiries please call 403-247-3544


We offer a 30 day warranty on labor and 1 year on parts.

When booking: our quoted rates are city rates within 10km radius of Calgary city limits.

Out of town rates are quoted on individual basis and must be disclosed at time of booking.

Before the vent cleaning is booked we will determine if our rotary brush method and application is best suited to perform a thorough job. We will then provide an estimate based upon what is involved in doing the job right.


What is included in dryer vent cleaning quotes? A complete cleaning and removal of lint from the exhaust vent hood all the way back to the dryer connector. There are times when the quote may need to be modified, but it will always be fully disclosed before providing a cleaning. We will not increase fees for work without prior consent. For more information about dryer vent cleaning and why it should regularly be performed see our dryer vent faq section.

Our Method of Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Rotary Brush

Performed with the use of a battery operated drill and properly sized medium bristled brush at the end of flexible high tensile pvc threaded rods. It may not require us to remove the dryer from the flex hose attached to the back of the dryer. If it does, it would only be to allow us to connect our hepa filtered shop-vac to the exhaust pipe. This is done to create suction in the exhaust pipe when there is significant lint build up, or possible blockage.

For all fee inquiries please call 403-247-3544