Dryer & Vent General Info
Dryer vent cleaning

Improper and seldom cleaned and serviced dryer vents account for many resulting dryer and vent fires. They also account for many of the dryer warranty and appliance related issues that homeowners face. At Able Sweeps our technicians will perform conscientious service while utilizing thorough cleaning methods to minimize these risks! For more about this topic see our dryer vent faq section.

At the time of service; our technicians analyze the venting of the dryer as an entire system and provide recommendations to maximize dryer vent efficiency. Whether it is repairing a broken vent pipe, replacing a crushed pipe, or advising of safe interval cleaning periods: we look out for the welfare of the people we serve! If you could lengthen the life of your dryer; or save money because the dryer doesn’t run as long; or avoid a fire that could be devastating…could we agree that an investment in this service is wise?


Dryer Lint

Dryer lint is composed of loose fibers, dead skin, and other debris that has attached itself to clothing that has been run through the dryer. Because of the many different fibers which very often include plant, synthetic, animal and human fibers; there are many different forms that dryer lint composition can take. Dryer lint is and can be therefore very flammable! This reason alone is why we recommend regular and routine removal of it from vent pipes and plugged vent screens.


Why hire Able Sweeps?

We service, maintain, replace, and repair dryer vents as routine and regular maintenance for many of Calgary’s residential homes, condominiums, and apartment style housing. We also provide these services regularly for many commercial clients. Dryer-vent cleaning is an area of service we have educated ourselves thoroughly on, and take great pride in performing right!