Chimney General Info
Able Sweeps are:

"The fire fighters friend!"  As a Calgary Chimney Sweep, we take very seriously the grave responsibility involved in preventing destructive fires stemming from wood, gas heating appliances, chimney systems, venting or ducting related to those appliances.

We effectively identify problems, interpret creosote deposits, and systematically diagnose obvious and potential hazards. By having relevant questions answered while sweeping and/or inspecting these systems, we can evaluate their performance, and provide education on safe and efficient operation techniques.

During the cleaning procedure we perform a level 1 basic visual inspection for any visible (patent) defects.  We provide a detailed evaluation report in the ‘comments’ section of our invoice noting any cracks, defects, code violations, or hazards. We will also advise of possible remedies for deficiencies!



Creosote is the by-product of incomplete combustion of any fossil fuel such as wood, oil, or coal. When the build up is more than 1/8th of an inch thick it should be removed to avoid possibility of a fire within the chimney. There are three different forms of creosote: granular deposit, brittle puffy, and third degree hard slag. The form of creosote in any system is dependent upon appliance efficiency, ambient temperature of chimney liner, improper operating techniques, and condensation…or a combination of all four.

When creosote reaches the brittle or third degree form the possibility of it igniting becomes very high; upon ignition it can cause very severe damage to the chimney and any surrounding structure since it could burn in excess of 3000 degrees. How hot is 3000 degrees? It’s hot enough to make the flue pipe look like a stove element!

Some chimney fires have been described as sounding like a jet plane or train going through the house. The purpose of a chimney is to effectively exhaust smoke and its by-products out of the living quarters not contain a fire and the extreme temperatures it produces! What’s the point? Creosote is not your friend!



Sweeping includes the sweeping of the flue, smoke chamber, damper, firebox area, and cap.  While the chimney is being swept it is also inspected for any cracks or defects and will be itemized in the comments section of the invoice.


Why Able Sweeps?
Able Sweeps Show Up!

Our WETT Certified technicians have a reputation for providing professional service. They have passed stringent tests which examine their knowledge of relative codes, practices, and standards of the trade. Get what you pay for: a WETT Certified technician, a quality professional job done right, and full assurance of the condition of the fireplace!